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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Invocations from Harivansha-parva

mPu Panuluh also compiled Harivansha-carita in Kawi. This is the story of amazing pastimes of Lord Krishna’s marriage with Rukminidevi. mPu Panuluh wrote this work began with invocation to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna 'kidnapped' Rukminidevi

Ngkane sringga nikang wukir nghulun amuja mrih madewasraya Dhyayi prapta bhatara wishnu hinidep munggweng sekar pankaja Siddhaning kalangon prayojananing anggong dhyana wishnawarcana Manggalya ning awetwa bhasita maran manggeh sinenggah kawi
“On the top of this mountain I was performed worship and surrendered myself. Meditated on the Divine Form of Lord Vishnu, enthroned on a lotus flower (the heart). May I could compile this beautiful, charming poems so the meditation on Lord Vishnu will attained success. I was invoked all auspiciousness at the beginning of this work glorifying Lord Vishnu, so I could be counted among poets without shame.”

Panuluh's humble mood remembered me with Sri Surdas Ji

These simple tools were able to revealed the supreme beauty to the world...

... since Lord Hari Himself, on the lotus throne, inspired him from within...

Ndatan lena katharajakena nghing kastawan hyang hari Rumrumen gelaren wilapa kekawin munggwing lepit ning karas Ndan duran kawasamalar nghulun apan sinwi kinon de haji Sri Dharmeswara digjayan jayabhayan jati wishnwatmaka
”The story that I’m going to tell you was no other than the glorious pastimes of Lord Hari. Since it was so amazingly wonderful, then I wrote it on the pieces of bark. As I was a dumb and ignorance person, I have no qualification to accomplish this difficult task. But Sri Dharmesvara, the lord of law and justice. Victorious in the four cardinals. Sri Jayabhaya told me to take this duty; I accepted it as Lord Vishnu’s own will and order.”

Tan sangke wihikan mara nghulun apan manggeh kaciryan tiwas Puspanjalya ri jong janardana juga nghing don iki tan waneh Hetunnya harivanshaparva wangunen tuten lalangwakena Cihna ning winuruk wuruk tekap ira sri lung lango ring lango
”Don’t you ever think I compiled these poems out of my brilliant intelligent. Indeed, I was a dull headed person. This wonderful pastime of Harivanshaparva in reality was perfectly beautiful. But if my compilation didn’t show its full glory, it was a sign that I was still learning how to write. Actually there was one, whom I was considered as my preceptor. One, whose ability to make the most beautiful among all beauties was world famous. I hope my work accepted as a humble flower offering unto the Divine Lotus Feet of Lord Janardana.”

Flower offerings to His Lotus Feet

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