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Saturday, November 21, 2009


om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri gurave namah

namah om vishnupadaya krishna-presthaya bhu-tale
srimate bhaktisvarupa damodara svamin iti namine

namah sad-bhakta-manaye manipura-udbhavaya ca
prabhupada lasad-vani pracara niratayate

babhruvahana-vamsadbhi somaya subha drstye
sunyavadi madebhendra singhaya bhagavata namah

abhayadi gunadaya sad-vijnana ghanaya ca
navya vaijnana tamas suryaya te namah

hareh katha-yata-samasta-yamo
romanca-kampasru mudabhiramah
pasyema kim tam srimad sripada-padam?

Srila Sripada Maharaja
would spend all eight yamas (divisions of the day)
glorifying topics of Sri Hari,
and thus he would become overwhelmed
by the manifestation of asta-sattvika transformations
headed by hairs standing erect, trembling, and tears of joy.
He would become extremely happy
when he resided in the most beautiful Sri Radha Kunda.
Will I ever again have darsana
of the most beautiful lotus feet of that Srila Sripada Maharaja?

We always pray to Srimati Radhika’s lotus feet by chanting Sri Radha-kripa-kataksa Stavaraja, for Her Divine Glance upon us. But now we have to fully grateful since our prayers have been fulfilled by the auspicious presence of our beloved Om Vishnupad Ashtottara-sata Tridandi-yativara Parampujyapadapadma Paramahamsa Parivrajakacaryavarya Sri Srimad Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami Srila Sripada Maharaja in the midst of our lives. He is the crest-jewel of The Lord’s pure devotees (sad-bhakta siromani) descend to this planet out of his causeless mercy, took birth in The Land of Jewel, Manipura, for the welfare of the whole world. Therefore I pay my most respectful obeisance unto him, the nayantara, shining stars of the lotus eyes of Srimati Radha, who is everything for Lord Sri Krishna. Let me bow to him, which is a magnificent eternal intimate associate of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Sri Sri Radha Krishna, and the only friend, shelter, and the life of the fallen souls. All glories to Srila Sripada Maharaja, our Gurudeva, adore eternally in our heart, as the only shelter of all suffering souls, the most graceful, the limitless ocean of love and compassion. All glories unto the very embodiment of wish-fulfilling gem that meet all the desires (cintamani svarupa), the intimate associate of Sri Radhika and Sri Gaura (gaura radhika nija-jana), which is decorated by all glorious spotless nature of a Vaishnava, never take into consideration any discrepancy in other (adosa -darsi), and the best friend of the fallen (dina-bandhu). May he bestow his merciful glance toward us. By greatness of his glorious nature, he was willingly gave atonement for so much sins of a degraded being such as myself, and allowed me to have some opportunity to take part in his eternal glorification. This is my only desire and prayer that I always submit unto his divine lotus feet.

I do not know, nor seek to know, whether the righteous and not righteous, auspicious and inauspicious. However, Srila Sripada Maharaja had come from Goloka to help me. His soft hearts moved by seeing the resistance of this jiva in samsaric world. He came to me, though I have abandoned his presence. Mercifully, he has lifted me up from the worst place, gave me shelter under his beloved companions, and then after that he returned to his divine eternal abode in The Kingdom of Love of Srimati Radhika. He is full of compassionate nature for making a hard-hearted person like me could humbly recognize that there is nothing that is worth more than sadhu-sanga throughout the universe. There is no way to get Sri Bhagavan’s prasada, and the loving devotional service other than through sadhu-seva and sadhu-kripa. His Divine Grace himself has also come and bestowed his most sweet association unto me, in very valuable times that physically ended so quickly.

Only that great personality who fully surrendered themselves to Sri Bhagavan (bhagavad-anugat) and serves Sri Krishna and His beloved Srimati Radhika is truly a sadhu. Association with such a sadhu is the only most desirable thing for us, because only by such a divine association we can attain our supreme wealth and goal (pum-artho mahan). This wealth of Divine Love is our very lives. So in other words, such a pure sadhu is the life for all. No well-wisher greater than sadhu-guru-vaishnava, or the beloved associate of Sri Gaurasundara. It is only out of Srila Sripada Maharaja’s krupai I could hear and understand the messages of greatest value such as this. I didn’t only get the opportunity to hear from His Divine Grace, but also get his personal sangam, rarely achieve even by the devas. Similarly, I have the opportunity to enter the close association of his companions, his nija-jana, who love and fully serve him. This untouchable considers his self very fortunate, for without any proper adhikaras, still His Divine Grace bestowed such a great success. There is no other reason for this other than the greatness of his nirhetuka-krupai, causeless mercy. If so, how could I find protection and support other than to pray to Srila Sripada Maharaja’s lotus feet? Now, let me humbled myself down before him, clasp my hands and pray, as Srila Das Gosvami prayed to Srila Rupa Gosvami, the same prayer also rendered by my heart before Srila Sripada Maharaja.

"adadanas trunam dantair idam yace punah punah srimad-rupa-padambhoja-dhulih syam janma janmani, This fallen jivatma, standing here with a sheet of grass on his teeth and praying again and again so he may be able to get a particle of dust from Srimad Rupa Gosvami Prabhupada’s lotus feet, in every birth." (Dana-keli-cintamani 175)

As Sri Bhagavata (11.26.26) states that no other way for a fallen one that allows him to get welfare, than through sadhu-sanga, "tato duhsangam utsrjya satsu sajjeta buddhiman santa evasya chindanti mano-vyasangam uktibhih, really intelligent person should reject all kind of bad association and should instead always in the association of pure devotee of the Lord, whose words are able to cut bondage of over attachment in his mind”. Someone should conduct sat-sanga, and reject all types of asat-sanga, in other words, by the sharp words emanating from the lips of pure devotee of Sri Govinda, delusive mind in the form of lusty desires for worldly enjoyment were destroyed from the heart, without any rest. Thus, it is not possible to have any way to get mangalatva and bhagavat-priti, when someone abandoned such sadhu-sanga and sadhu-seva. In spite it is true that such sadhu-sanga is so extremely rare, but it may not be for someone who prays for it without hypocrisy, with full sincerity, and with the knowledge that it's very difficult to accept the association of a pure sadhu in this world of asadhu.

By His unlimited love and compassion, Sri Bhagavan came to this world in order to give His sanga, and He also sends His beloved devotees into the world. As we see in Sri Caitanya-caritamrita. Knowing that is really difficult for a jiva could come across a sadhu, Krishna Himself appears as a sadhu and spiritual master in Nadiya. The presence of Sri Krishna Caitanya and Nityananda Prabhu has filled this world with the greatest bliss. This Two Brothers dispel the darkness in the depth of our hearts, and thus they help one to find two types of Bhagavata. One of the Bhagavata is the immaculate literature Srimad Bhagavatam, and the other is the Living Bhagavata, pure devotee absorbed entirely in loving devotional service. Through the magnificent activities of this Two Bhagavata, The Supreme Lord instill spiritual loving mood in the heart of a jiva, and so The Lord, resides in the heart of His devotees, being controlled by their love." (See Cc. Adi 1.87, Cc. Adi 1.98-100)

There are two types of Bhagavata, Holy Scripture (shastra) and the bhakta (devotee). They do kirtana, both glorify and praise the topics about Sri Bhagavan and his bhakta. Bhakta and Shastra, both of them is the only dear friend who expects welfare of jiva, so they are truly our life and soul. Those really intelligent ones always in search of truth and pure way of eternal goodness will not be able to live without the association of literature and sadhu. By taking firm vow they execute sadacara, deeds that lead to the truth, in the form of a rejection of the asat-sanga and vigorously seek sat-sanga. They are truly excited to be able to get the direct association bhakta-bhagavata. When such sadhu-sanga is not available then they associate with literature, shastriya-sanga. Only Hari-katha emanates from the lips of sadhu, his shastra-katha, was able to attach us to the divine lotus feet of Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnava. His words, messages, and instructions, is the sacred literature itself.

The conscious jivatmas, living human beings, cannot live without association twenty-four hours a day. When someone does not get sadhu-sanga, both externally and internally, then surely he will be forced to accept asat-sanga. So whenever we couldn’t get personal or direct sadhu-sanga with the bhagavata, then we should accept the association through shastra, shastriya sadhu-sanga. Only with such thoughts we will continuously fixed in Krishna consciousness. Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur had said, "You should learn spiritual magazines with full attention. Whenever you have time, you should discuss Kalyana Kalpataru, Prarthana, Caitanya-caritamrita, and so forth. You will be able to achieve all perfections by chanting the holy name of God without offences. Sri Nama Prabhu only revealed to them who listen, learn, and discuss scripture. Your present anartha will not so strong when you are diligently performing sravana and kirtana."

We are totally blind about Krishna. Therefore, at the ancient time Srila Vedavyasa compiled Srimad Bhagavatam out of His love and compassion to all beings, only for their welfare. By discussing this paramahamsa-samhita, Sri Grantharaja Bhagavata, bhakti toward Purusottama Krishna will grow and soon will drive out all types of mourning, delusion, and fear. For all jivas’ well being, the noble bhakta bhagavata was struggling with the difficulties of writing a very large body of literatures. They who really have Priti toward Sri Hari, Guru, and Vaishnava, certainly also have Priti toward the Holy Scriptures; they must be automatically have Priti to shastras.

Our beloved Guru-pada-padma, Srila Sripada Maharaja has given these two types of sat-sanga to all of us. We do not always get the association of the living Bhagavata. It is a very great fortune for us to get the sweet direct physical association of Srila Sripada Maharaja, in really very short period during his prakrutha-lila. Indeed, it is only his mercy that makes everything possible, even if we do not have the proper qualification to attain it. In so many ways His Divine Grace has brought much happiness for us living in darkness. Heard his sweet voice, saw his spiritual form, and thought about his visit to Bali and the joy when we wait him at the airport. So he also allowed us to do different types of services and listen to his kirtana during the day he is still in our midst. Once again only out of his mercy alone, we can have that beautiful and blissful time together.

Many of us, charmed by his spiritual personality and spotless vaishnavatva, finally came to him. Some officially get initiation and some still live as followers, who always enthrone him in the core of their heart as their eternal spiritual master, since he was leaving them to enter into his aprakrutha-lila. There is no time the spiritual master doesn’t present for his dear disciples. Since our physical material eyes couldn’t get his darshan anymore, we shouldn’t think our beloved Srila Sripada Maharaja has left us abandoned. He is ever present. The Omnipresent Supreme Lord is ananta-kalyanaika-gunanidhi. The same Supreme Personality of Godhead is taking His abode eternally in Srila Sripada Maharaja’s lotus heart. So, our beloved Srila Sripada Maharaja is the divine abode of The Absolute Divinity, ananta-kalyana-guna-sad-dhama. Our Srila Sripada Maharaja is also omnipresent. He renders all services in unlimited divine forms in limitless transcendental pastimes of Srimati Radhika and Sri Gopaladeva.

He bestowed his short darshan to our eyes only to enter and resides in our heart eternally. Streams of tear from our cry of separation will manifest as the river of our love. Then the boat of our praying words will sail in its water by the wind of his unlimited divine mercy and compassion. Undoubtedly, it will end its voyage at Srila Sripada Maharaja’s lotus feet and his beloved Srimati Radhika and Sri Gopaladeva. This is my sole prayer. May when these eyes closed forever and can’t see anything anymore, when these ears will become deaf, when time will pound over this worthless body and it can’t stand anymore. When the end of this wretch person approaching. There is still just one drop of grace upon him. May I could hear Srila Sripada Maharaja’s voice of sweet kirtana of the glories of Sri Gaurangadeva and Srimati Radhika. May I could feel on my skin, the soothing breeze of wind emanates from Srila Sripada Maharaja’s eternal abode on the bank of Sri Radhakunda. May I could shed tears of joy out of my remembrance to my dear most Guru-pada-padma for the last time.

ha kvasi mat-prana-prabho kva gupto
ati dina-dasas tava duhkha-taptah
prapanna-bhaktartti-haras tvam eva
draksyami kim candra-mukham sakrt te?

O master of my life, where are you?
Where have you suddenly hidden?
Your most fallen servant is afflicted
by pangs of separation from you.
Only you can remove the sufferings
of your surrendered devotees.
Will I ever be able to look upon
your moonlike face again?

he dina-bandho! karunaika-sindho!
kuru prasadam mayi manda-mudhe
laksaparadhe bahu-papa-gadhe
tat-pada-padme 'stu matis ca krsne

O friend of the lowly, O Gurudeva,
you are the vast ocean of mercy.
I am a dull fool and have committed
hundreds of thousands of offenses.
I have fallen into a dense myriad of sins;
therefore grace me with your mercy
so that my mind may be fixed
on your lotus feet and on Sri Krishna.

sri-bhakti-svarupa-damodaraya pujitam sarvam
rangaraja-dasa-kulena ati-vilapatmika-gadyam
viraha-soka-samudram sloka-candra-avirbhavam
srimad sripadad carana-kamala-dvandvarpanam

These glorifying words in combination of extremely sorrowful prose and moonlike stanzas arises from the miserable ocean of separation, was spoken by a member of Rangarajadasakulan, family lineage of servants of The Lord of Enchanting Stage, King of Palatial Aranga-mandiram, dedicated unto His Divine Grace Parampujyapadapadma Om Vishnupad Ashtottara-sata Paramahamsa Parivrajakacaryavarya Sri Srimad Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Svami Srila Sripada Maharaja, as a humble offering to His Two Lotus like Divine Feet.

Even in his non-physical presence, he continued to bestow his mercy upon all of us. He still allows us to associate with his words, with the books he has written, his recorded voice of sweet kirtana and the mission he has left in this place for us to serve. He has given us everything. We inherit all these big things from him, and we are forever indebted to him. Thus, in this most blessed day of Srila Sripada Maharaja Vyasa Puja Mahotsava, we pray together in order to obtain his mercy again. May all of us, his disciples and his devotees, initiated or not, can be strengthened and made his instructions as our very life and soul and united together to serve his mission.

Om Vishnupad Paramahamsa Parivrajakacaryavarya Ashtottar-sata
Sri Srimad Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Svami Maharaja Srila Sripada ki Jay!
Sad-bhakta Siromani Srila Sripada Maharaja ki Jay!

Denpasar, Bali 2009
Viraha-aksepa satata-vilapam
sri guru-vaishnava karunya-bhiksum
Bhakta P.B. Rangarajan

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