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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who is Lord Siva of Prambanan Temple?(1)

When I read Yogisvara Ramayana, there are some words that interested me so much. This is from the scene of Mother Sita entering the pyre. Lord Siva came to that place and said, “Sang Rama-inujaran winarah ryyawak niran Devata| He Narayana He Raghuttama taman bhede kawaktat hidep| The revered Lord (Siva) told Sri Rama about His real identity as Supreme Divinity, as He said, Hail Narayana, Hail Raghuttama, Our two Selves were not different.” By this word taman-bhede (no difference) suddenly remembered me about my whole faith to Lord Siva, as we hold in Goudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. And there’s no better person who can describe Lord Siva perfectly other than his dear most Srila Sanatana Gosvamipada. To have clearer image about Lord Siva of Prambanan, we should read these passages from Srila Sanatana Gosvami’s Brihad-bhagavatamrita 1.3 :

57. “He is the giver of both material pleasure and liberation, and he increases bhagavadbhakti.
He is worshipful to even the liberated souls and he is dear to the Vaishnavas.”
Our Lord Siva of Prambanan Temple was installed by the most benevolent king of Java, who named his kingdom as Mataram, the mother-land that filled by devotion to Lord Rama, and intended to become Ram-rajya. By his love to his subjects, the king invited Lord Siva to come to his kingdom and blessed his peoples with both material pleasure and liberation. By the grace of our Mula-guru Agasthiya, many liberated sages came to Nusantara, they established Vedic culture everywhere and Lord Siva is their worshipful spiritual master. He is the dearest one to Vaishnavas, because he increases their bhakti toward Bhagavan Sri Krishna. This great Lord Siva was worshipped in Java as their most revered master. The beloved personality of everyone, regardless his faith to any form of worship.
Here are more elaborations of the word taman-bhede in Yogisvara Ramayana:
58–9. “Being overpowered by the bhakti of his friend Kuvera, he has come from his own abode of Sivaloka, which is perfectly suitable for him and which is attained by those who perform bhakti knowing there to be no difference between Sri Siva and Sri Krishna, and accompanied by his beloved Sri parvati and his other principal associates, he is now going to adorn Kailasha Mountain with his presence.”

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