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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Mystical Island of Bali (2)

Living Harmoniously
Any typical Balinese village divided to three quarter, representing the concept of what they called Tri Hita-karana, three sources of happiness. Yes, the joyful and wealthy life can be gain by pleasing and harmonious relationship between human beings with higher spiritual power (parahyangan), other humans (pawongan), and nature (palemahan). Everything was in balance, to provide the whole community with healthy energy. Any disturbance to the subtle energy such as irresponsible act against the sacred law, creating illness to the whole community that also needs ritualistic purification, otherwise many kind of disaster will come and destroy the whole communities.

Gate to the holy ground, the Parahyangan

Threefold Thrones of The Universal Sun. The main object of veneration in The Mother Temple, Besakih. Representing The Trinatha, Three Divine Forms of The Supreme Lord

Ngayah or serving the Gods by preparing Temple Festivals. Harmonious relationship with the exalted divinities and The Supreme Lord Himself

For Balinese, not only physical inconvenience or malice, such as common criminality, will invite disharmony, and finally bring unhappy lives. But the more important were the spiritual and mystical relationship of the Tri Hita-karana. For example; we know if there’s any kind of criminal acts, than surely the society will suffer a loss. But if there’s some feeling of enmity or just only unpleasant relationship among people of a certain village, then the whole society will suffer spiritually. They believe that such an emotional discontentment always creating negative vibration, which spreads to all over community. So traditionally, every Balinese village stand as an autonomous social unit. They try to solve every problem by discussion and deliberation democratically presides by the village chief; and should be in accordance with their responsibility to “the spiritual authorities” and other “unseen members” of the village. Legal court was the last choice. This will keep harmonious relationship and maintain the good emotional vibration among people.

Constructing good relationships among peoples (pawongan)

The Balinese, as other Hindus, traditionally believes in unseen personalities mystically connected to everyday lives of all human beings living on this planet. Some are divine, some are positive by nature, and some negative. We believes in The Supreme Godhead, the great gods, lesser gods, deified ancestors, and also the Bhutas, Raksasas, Pisacas, Yaksas, and other demonic ghostly beings. Every place was inhabited by unlimited forms of living being. So mountains, forests, rivers, water sources, even deserted part of the village such as crematorium grounds and deep ravines should be treated with honour. No land can be dig out, no stone may take out from its place, no tree can be cut down without first ask permission by proper ritual.

Honorable beauties of natural wealth of the island. Precious gifts from The Lord (palemahan)

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